They’ve Finally Stripped Hillary Clinton of Her Last Shred of Dignity

After two failed presidential campaigns, a lackluster tenure as secretary of state, and years of aiding and abetting her husband’s serial abuse of women, Hillary Clinton is finally being recognized for the con artist she is…

The State Department has dropped Hillary Clinton’s name from a fellowship that sends Americans abroad to work in foreign government ministries.

The Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellowship, which began in 2012, is now known simply as the Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship.

A State Department spokesman said recently that the decision to remove Clinton’s name was made last spring.

As part of an effort to strengthen the Fulbright “brand,” the controversial former secretary of state was dropped from the fellowship’s title.

The Fulbright-Clinton Fellowship usually provided about $34,000 a year to as many as 24 students apiece annually.

Some State Department employees, speaking on the condition of anonymity, suggested that Clinton’s name was discarded in a bid for the programs’s survival. By not drawing attention to President Trump’s defeated rival in the 2016 election, the fellowship has a higher likelihood of staying in place during an era of tight budgets.

“The Clinton name only increases the likely targeting of the ECA budget,” said an official familiar with the bureau’s long-standing fears of an existential threat. “The ECA bureau is in crisis mode. They were talking about zeroing out its budget. They felt they had to get rid of a toxic name.”

The Trump administration has proposed cutting support for Fulbrights and a handful of other academic programs from about $270 million to $83 million.

As part of President Trump’s overall plan to streamline the federal budget and remove wasteful spending, a lot of programs like this one might be going the way of the Dodo bird. Candidate Trump, back in 2016, made it a central point of his presidential bid to cut regulations, eliminate excessive spending, and get the government “running like a business.”

With his tax overhaul and cuts to domestic programs, he’s made good on this promise. But let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? President Trump and the Republicans in control of the government don’t like Hillary Clinton, her husband, or her former boss Barack Obama.

And it should come as no shock that government employees and programs are abandoning the sinking Democratic ship like fleeing rats.

Hillary Clinton: two failed presidential campaigns, a disastrous turn as secretary of state, and more scandals than you can count on two hands. Need we say more?

LOCK HER UP or let her keep falling down the stairs in India?